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Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service you will find anywhere.

Clays Radio Shop is a full service repair shop. If you are looking for a radio repair service center that is on top of their game you have found it!

The quality of our work is as good as it gets! It’s a bold statement to make, but a fact you will come to realize by using Clays Radio Shop.
All services are warranted and results are guaranteed. Our Technicians are highly trained and have many years of hands on experience.

Specializing in Mobile Communications for Bikes, Cars and Trucks.

Clay Thompson

Owner, Lead Tech & Head of R&D at Clays Radio Shop.

(Clays Radio Shop

  1. Robert Ruppert says:

    Midland 5001z , Fire stik iba 5. 12v indoor power supply.
    is this to much antenna for this radio?

    • htmcnetwork says:

      You can’t have to much antenna. As the saying goes, you are only as good as your weakest link. The better the antenna the better your performance.



  2. W.Jacobs (Bill) says:

    Recently had pro-ton99 mounted on 40`push-up.After they left i noticed ground connected to base of push-up & not to arrestor,how will this affect radio & protection? Thank`s,Bill.

    • htmcnetwork says:

      The ground strap must be made of braided material and connect from the mast to a ground rod. The ground rod should be about 8 feet long and tapped into the ground close to the mast.

  3. Vinny says:

    Just want to thank you for the easiness of my recent purchase right down to the packaging and delivery. Enjoying the radio! Thanks Vinny

  4. Larry D. says:

    Can I use my CB antenna on my boat (36 feet high) for an FM stereo receiver, by just wrapping the wire around the locking nut that connects the antenna to the CB? Or am I nuts??? WSill it work?

    • htmcnetwork says:

      Larry it depends upon your definition of (work). The results may not be up to your expectations. If you want to achieve results that meet your needs consider adding an antenna that is designed for the AM/FM band and specifically for a marine applications.

  5. george strayhorn says:

    want to say thanks for your prompt service and delivery of the Magum S9 I bought last week
    one problem , I did not get the operators manual , could you send one please?

  6. DJ says:

    I have known Clay for over 28 years when he was at Gordon TX he is the best in the biz!!!!!!
    Randy Cruz

  7. shawn cb '' triple 5 - deerhunter'' says:


  8. Live Wire says:

    What kind of recommendations can you make for antenna and radio for a truckdriver who is going to be slip-seating a bit. I just recently changed my work a little and will no longer have an assigned truck. I am hoping for something that will be pretty easily set-up and taken out, get a decent SWR , w/o a whole bunch of set up time.

    • htmcnetwork says:

      Sir for your situation I would go with a Wilson 2000 with a 10 inch shaft, an 18 foot coax cable and a VSSQRCS3 quick detach antenna mount.



  9. jay (roadrat) says:

    I have a 450 watt amp wondering if you can put a pre amp together with it if so is it worth it and how to do it

    • htmcnetwork says:

      Jay preamp circuits typically amplify the same percentage of signal as noise so no gain is achieved.
      Have the radio’s receiver aligned and go with a dual antenna system. Pro Comm offers a quad wrapped antenna that performs well.



  10. Robert King says:

    This radio shop is great. Good prices, and they stand behind there sales, Clay and crew are very nice and helpful. I can’t say enough about these people, they are great. I don”t think you will find another place like this anywhere. Very satisfied Robert

  11. scott walton says:

    i have a question not a coment , i have a galaxy dx99v and it will not stay on frequency i am wondering if it would be cheaper in the long run to have it fixed or to buy a new radio?? if i buy new what do you recomend in a 100 watt radio?? thanks scott

    • htmcnetwork says:

      Scott the age of the radio is not the main determining factor. The condition of the radio and the cost of the current repair is what matters. I would recommend inspecting the radio before making a decision unless you simply want a new radio.
      If you want a new radio check out the Galaxy 94 or the Connex 4600. Both are very good radios. I tend to lean towards the Galaxy 94 because it is loaded with features, is an SSB model, and includes a 2 year warranty.
      If you decide to ship us your radio please contact us at support@claysradioshop.com in advance for an RA number.

      Best Regards,

      Clay Thompson

  12. scott walton says:

    i was just checking to see if my has been shipped out yet thanks scott

  13. scott walton says:

    just recieved my new galaxy 94 and would like to thank you clay and staff for a great recomendation.. keep up the great work.. scott

  14. htmcnetwork says:

    Scott we appreciate the feedback. If you need help or support in the future feel free to contact us anytime.

    Best Regards,


    • scott walton says:

      clay my question is my trailer truck has the pos. neg. cb post in it that my galaxy 99 was hooked to .. can i hook my new galaxy 94 to them and if i do will it harm the radio?? or do i have to get 8 gauge cable and hook it direct to the truck batteries ??? thanks scott

  15. htmcnetwork says:

    Hello Scott, you can connect to the post’s providing you disconnect the existing wires and run #8 cables to the terminal post’s. Take the ground from the neg post to ground. The shorter the better. Take the positive line to your breaker system. You should be able to locate a 40 amp blank. Fuse the source with a 40 amp fuse.



  16. chris says:

    need to speak with you asap been calling

  17. lyndel ford says:

    Will the procomm quad 4 work well on my 2013 wrangler jk unlimited? i plan on mounting high on the left rear quarter panel.
    Thank you, lyn.

    • htmcnetwork says:

      Hello Lyn, consider mounting the antenna on the passenger side of the auto. You will be directional towards the front left if mounted on the right side.

  18. Dean Feilen says:

    Would like your opinion on a new radio, Looking at a Galaxy. Never having had a SSB radio before I have been considering it, is it something that is used alot? Is a frequency counter a (must have)? Is there a difference (other than personal) between Built in or add on counter? I really like the Starlite front panel and the large meters on a Galaxy radio, In your opinion does any one radio Peak-out or perform better than another @ 929,979, 939, or the old reliable 949,959. Thank you for your time.

    • htmcnetwork says:

      Hello Dean,
      SSB is still used but not so much with truckers. The counter option is preferential. The radio has a jack on the back. The external counter plugs in to that jack. Considering the models you have mentioned, the 979 is the best model for durability and performance. We offer 2 tune up options for the DX979 model.

      Best Regards,

  19. Mike says:

    Hello, Do you have any used quality 40 channel ssb radios that are peaked and tuned and ready to go. I have a Cobra 148 NW ST that I havent used in a couple years and would like to get a new radio. I travel in an RV and use to use it all the time. Would like to get back into it. Thanks,Mike

    • htmcnetwork says:

      Hello Mike,
      We have several radios in line to be prepped for resale. We don’t modify radio’s in any way prior to the sale.
      All radios are offered for sale at stock factory spec’s and are then serviced per the customers needs. This process is normally completed within 1 to 3 days and is then shipped.
      Please call us at 1-800-917-6698 to discuss models that are available and services you would like performed.

      Best Regards,

      • Graylin Eytcheson says:

        I want to thank Clays CB Radio shop for installing my new Stryker radio. They did a great job installing it and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a CB radio or installation done.
        Graylin Eytcheson

  20. Earl Bean says:

    Clay Is the stryker655 radio a good radio or do you recommend a different radio I drive a log truck here in arkansas a lot of rough roads I want one that will hold up thank you very much earl

    • htmcnetwork says:

      Hello Earl,
      Stryker is one of the most durable radios on the market today.
      The 655 and 955 are the models we recommend when the radio is being used in harsh (high shock) conditions.
      It will be a good choice for you.


      • Earl Bean says:

        Clay thank you for responding about the sr655 hpc stryker radio I will be buying one from you thank you again

  21. Robert G. says:

    Hello, I am getting interested in using the cb again since I am driving every weekend. I do a short drive !00 miles from job in town to house in country. I work in town during the week and drive home on weekends. I have pretty much decided on the galaxy 979 for the radio. I was wondering if you might make a recommendation for an antenna and mike for the radio. I will install when leaving to get on the road each week. I assume a magnetic mount antenna of some sort? Too many thieves in the city (Houston)to do a permanent install. Probably get your upgrade too.

  22. Michael Nichols says:

    Hello Clay and company. I was looking at a Stryker 655 and would like to know if it would benefit from the (don’t know how to spell this correctly) “Schottkey” modification to the receive? Also, in general terms, what is involved in your peak and tune process? I’ve been to shops that just use a screwdriver and watt meter to tune a radio and then whistle into the mic and was very disappointed in the radio afterwards.

    • htmcnetwork says:

      Hello Michael,
      the 655 has one of the best receivers on the market today. I don’t recommend the modification. There is benefit to aligning the receiver providing its done correctly.
      The transmitter on this radio is easily over-moudulated. Again there is much improvement than can be achieved by performance tuning but the Tech must know what he is doing and have the right equipment.


      • Michael Nichols says:

        Thanks for the quick response. Looks like I will be ordering a 655 soon.

  23. Kenneth Schoberg says:

    Been quite a while since I posted on here ( a slight radio problem that I had ) but want to let you know that my Galaxy DX 2547 is working better than expected. It came with the performance tuneup and was well worth it. Hooked to a 4 element Sirio and pushing my voice thru a D 104 with the W2ney modification my limits are few. Florida to the Great lakes is a breeze. Would like to send it back for the High Wattage mod ( which I should have done in the first place ) when my other radio gets back. Once again thank you for a great radio !

  24. kendell says:

    I’m possibly fixing to start driving again. I have had a galaxy 33 and a Magnum s9 in the past, I know radios have changed a little since I drove over 8 years ago. What would you suggest.

    • htmcnetwork says:

      Hello Kendell,
      If you will be subjecting the radio to allot of shock check out The Stryker 655. It will hold up well over the long term. If not the Galaxy 33 or 44 or excellent choices.


  25. Louis Smith says:

    Clay, I use to use your shop when you were in Gordon, TX. You guys a were the best. Where is your shop now? I’m retired but still travel and use my old Galaxy 33 and my Galaxy 33HP. I’d love to stop in and visit if I pass near your location. And I’m looking do a good striker by the way.

    • htmcnetwork says:

      Hello Louis,
      We are at 5530 IH10 E, building 6 San Antonio TX 78219. This is on the East side is San Antonio by the Peter

    • htmcnetwork says:

      Hello Louis,
      We are located at 5530 IH10 E, Building 6, San Antonio Texas. This is on the East side of San Antonio by the Petro Truck Stop behind the Knights Inn Motel. Stop by and see us when you can.

      Best Regards,

  26. Lucas Theard says:

    Thanks , I’ve just been looking for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have came upon till now. However, what about the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the source?

  27. Larry says:

    I recently worked with one of your customers. I bought his Galaxy 959 that you had worked on. Its great. He said I should get my other new radio, Connex 3300HP setup by you. I bought it “setup” from another shop, but dont know what was actually done. I Havent hooked it up. Im a Pilot car operator, and at times I run out ahead of load in various terrain, and at times 10 miles. With my other radio, not the Galaxy, Cobra 29, I have a hard time at 2 miles. I run a Stryker whip roof mount on my pickup. The loads vary, wide, high, different structurally, steel electrical buildings, with who knows what inside. I dont think I need a kicker, just good long range clear signal. What do you suggest? Thanks

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