Motor homes are uniquely different simply because for the most part the body and the roof are made of fiberglass the frame system includes vertical rails that run from the front to the rear of the motorhome.

Basically there are two options when it comes to a working antenna system type. You can go with a fire stik no ground antenna system such as the LG-M2 mounted to the upper side of the body of the motor home.You can also go with a conventional grounded type of antenna system by installing a side body mount such as the MK-M2 and drilling the mounting holes in the upper side of the motor home to where the side body mount is attached to the vertical framework. Either antenna type will be a short fiberglass antenna such as the Firestik FS series antennas.

We highly recommend the use of a spring such as the SS3H due to the possibility of striking a tree branch or some other obstacle. The no ground type antenna system does not require setting the SWR. The conventional type or grounded type of antenna system does require tuning the SWR. Another primary difference between the non-grounded and grounded antenna types is the non-grounded type of antenna system can be mounted to any service type and the conventional type of antenna system must be attached to the vertical frame rail for proper grounding.

The thought of running wires from the antenna mount to metal framework is not adequate and will not work so removal of the inside wall panels is required in order to locate the vertical frame rails. We recommend marking and drilling the holes from the inside of the motor home. Mark and measure twice and only then drill. You don’t want to make a mistake concerning this step. If you use a grounded antenna type use 18 feet of RG58 or mini 8 such as Firestik’s K8 coax. We highly suggest 95% shielding and a multi strand center conductor.

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