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There are basically three types of mobile CB antennas.

1) The base load.
A base load antenna has coil or load at the bottom of the antenna.  Base load antennas  usually have a three to four foot long whip made out of stainless steel. Base loaded antennas have a wave length of 1/4.  A 1/4 wave antenna has an angle of radiation of 45 degrees. Signal radiates off the antenna at all angles and directions but the strongest point is at a 45° angle.

2) The top loaded antenna.
A top loaded antenna is usually fiberglass with copper wire wrapping a round a fiberglass rod loosely until it approaches the top of the antenna.  This is normally the top 6 inches to 1 foot where it is wrapped tight. This tightly wrapped area is the load.  That is why the antenna is called a top loaded antenna. Top loaded antennas have a very low angle of radiation.  Fire stick antennas for example are normally 5/8 wave antennas.  5/8 wave antennas have an angle of radiation of seven degrees from the horizon.  A Tiger SOTT antenna is a 1 1/2 wave length antenna.  Its angle of radiation is lower than seven degrees. As a rule of thumb the higher the wavelength the lower the angle of radiation.

3) The center load antenna.

A center load antenna is called a center load is because the load is at the center of the antenna.  The center load antenna will have a shaft below the coil and a whip above the coil. Center load antennas are also 1/4 wave length antennas.  Therefore, they have an angle of radiation of 45° as well.

There is not an antenna made that is best for all applications. Our recommendation changes depending on the type of auto, preferred mounting location, and required bandwidth.

Generally these are typical recommendations.

Vehicle Type: Car

Mounting location: Roof top  or trunk lip type mount.

Antenna recomended: base load such as the Wilson 5000

Mounting location: Side body

Antenna recomended: Lite weight fiberglass  such as the FL series Firestik. A spring or antenna quick disconnect can be added as a precaution

Mounting location: Bumper (older metal bumpers)


Antenna recomended: 102 inch steel whip, or a 4 to 5 foot fiberglass whip. The SOTT Tiger 1 1/2 wave is an excellent choice for this application.